Exploring TerraSkin Paper and Circles

I’m going to share this small series of paper cuts in two parts because it feels like too many images for a single blog post. I shared in November about creating a paper cut using TerraSkin paper, which is made from stone rather than plant fibres. Over the last week and a half I created five more to meet a deadline for an upcoming exhibition.

The series of six explores circles in new ways for me, as well as allowed me to work with TerraSkin paper more extensively. It feels slippery and light but is super easy to cut because there is no resistance to the knife. Each piece is 9″ x 11″, and each circle is about 7.25″ in diameter.

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series-6

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series-7

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series-4

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series-5

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series-2

TerraSkin paper - Cricle series-3

I backed these in black for the purposes of the photos but these will actually be displayed without a backing paper and unframed.

This work will be on display as part of Toronto Design Offsite Festival in January 2015 along with other designers and artists as a window display called, Vancouver Outside The Box. More details available on the website.