Playing with Colourful Origami Paper

Last week in the studio I made time to finally try a few of the paper folding tutorials I’ve had booked marked for ages. The purpose is to expand my repertoire of paper manipulation techniques and increase my skills.

Colourful origami paper

The project I’m sharing here is called Iris folding and I followed this tutorial on Creating Colourful Book Covers to do it. The design looks complex but it is actually simple. I used twenty-two pieces of origami paper, with twenty-one of them cut in half to create the layers.




The final photo here is of the back, and you can see what I mean about layers. The look of this pattern reminds me strongly of a quilt design, but I always feel textile and paper work is similar.

2 thoughts on “Playing with Colourful Origami Paper

    • Rachael says:

      Thank you. I don’t play with colour often enough these days, and it was energizing to make things from colourful paper. I’m going to do more in future.

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