An Update on the Unexpectedly Orange Braided Rug

Last night I decided to take apart and redo the centre of the braided rug. I disliked the colours I started with and the farther along I got with the rug, the more it bothered me. I was hesitant to do this because I wasn’t sure if the process of undoing the braids would somehow mess up the rest of the piece. Thankfully it worked out fine.


The centre of the rug was a mix of red, navy blue, and orange yarn, and it was the orange I decided to replace with a bright blue. I think it ties in better with what is currently the blue outer edge but will eventually be just another stripe of colours in the rug.

Work in Progress: Braided Rug

Work in Progress: Braided Rug

The new colours make the centre stand out better, and toned down the overwhelming orange. There will be more red and blue in the rest of the rug, and a few other colours I haven’t decided upon yet.

I have a lot of work left to do because the braided rug is currently only twenty-two inches wide, and I want it to be about five feet.