A Short List of Eastside Culture Crawl Artists You Should Visit

I think I already mentioned how thrilled I am to do the Culture Crawl this year, and not exhibit. I feel like I have so much more free time than usual this fall. I am SUPER EXCITED to visit friends in their studios, and discover new artists I haven’t met before.

These are some of the artists I am going to visit when the Crawl kicks off on Thursday evening, and I think you should too.

M.A. Tateishi in Studio 280, Mergatroid Building.

Simone Richmond in Onion Studio.

Westerly Handmade Shoes in 1000 Parker Street Studios

4. barratt
Propellor Design at 1120 East Georgia Street.

Christina Norberg in the Mergatroid Building.

Eastside Culture Crawl begins Thursday November 19th and ends Sunday November 22nd. Visit the website to plan your route.