Teaching Workshops & Sharing Knowledge

I’m not sure why, but when it comes to scheduling workshops every year I struggle to get it done. For months I’ve been procrastinating putting together a number of workshop descriptions, and also reaching out to potential venues. It’s driving me crazy, but it made me realize it’s one of the areas where I am blocked and I want to figure out why.

I like teaching, and the more techniques I learn, the more knowledge I have to share with others. There are way more places in Vancouver that offer workshops then there used to be, which means more opportunities for teachers. It’s also one of the many ways I can make money from my art. It’s win win really.

Altered Book Workshop at Blim - Student Work

I think part of the block is a reluctance to share all of my knowledge because I am self-taught. I have earned what I know through many hours of work, and it seems weird to hand this off to students I barely know. Shouldn’t they have to earn it too? And the answer is yes! They’re starting with me to guide them but they still have to put the time in to become good.

It could be I am blocked because of all the work involved with putting together a teaching plan, especially when developing a new one from scratch. To date I’ve mostly taught altered book workshops, but I’m working out how to teach paper cutting, as well as a class on braided rugs.

If you’re interested, stay tuned over here…