Customizing With Triangles

I mistakenly thought I’d shared a photo of this on Instagram or my blog ages ago, but at some point (I can’t remember how long) I customized my red iPhone case with adhesive vinyl. I made up the composition of triangles as I went along.


Pictured here is the new version as I redid some of the work over the weekend because pieces have been peeling off over time. It was a simple project but so satisfying to do. The colours make me happy on these dreary days.

2 thoughts on “Customizing With Triangles

  1. Anne at Shintangle Studio says:

    Rachael, I couldn’t help but wonder whether you got that coloured adhesive vinyl from Urban Source. I used to walk to the store on Saturday mornings when I was teaching at UBC: it was my cheap treat to myself to fill up a bag with whatever appealed to me from the bins. I amassed many, many colours, but then gave them all to one of the schools I was working in here in the interior. I don’t regret that, exactly, but it would be fun to use some of them to decorate something or other.

    • Rachael says:

      They are indeed from Urban Source. I bought a few different rolls in various colours a few years ago to use for a project, and they seemed like the prefect thing to add a design to my phone case. The last time I checked Urban Source still carries the vinyl.

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