Hot Art Card Trades From CARDED! at Hot Art Wet City

I love how The White Rabbit reproduced as a tiny artist trading card. I love it. This is a paper cut piece I created a few years ago for an Alice in Wonderland themed show, and I entered a cropped photo of it in CARDED!

The White Rabbit as an artist trading card

Art Cards

The bottom photo are my favourite cards I manage to get in trade. Boris and I hung out at the opening for an hour and a half, chatting with people, and trading until we got the art cards we wanted. We’ve attended this show many times, but this was the first time I participated as one of the artists. It was so fun to trade away my own card, especially when people liked it enthusiastically.

2 thoughts on “Hot Art Card Trades From CARDED! at Hot Art Wet City

  1. Anne at Shintangle Studio says:

    Wow, Rachael! You’ve got a lot going on these days! First, I love how the Tyvek piece is coming along. Is there any danger of it ripping? How much of a risk is ripping in when you’re working with paper? And your braided rug workshop looks like a gas: I thought about signing up but realized the dates wouldn’t work given that I was going to be in Vancouver the previous weekend. And I LOVE your rabbity trading card: so elegant, a great design. What a wonderful collection of cards you ended up with! Looks as if both parties in those particular trades got a good deal. I’m trying not to grind my teeth with longing to be in the city where events like these happen. Oh, and I see from the Opus flyer that you’re teaching an intro to paper cutting. Wish I could be there for that. Sigh.

    • Rachael says:

      The nice thing about Tyvek is that it’s made to cut easily, but hard to rip – even when cut into delicate shapes. With paper there is always a risk of the paper tearing.

      I’m hoping to schedule more workshops in the coming months. I like doing them, but I’m terrible about thinking ahead and getting them scheduled. I will teach another braided rug workshop, and another paper cutting workshop either later this spring or early fall.

      CARDED! was so much fun. I loved being in that show.

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