Reaching the Summit

Last week I returned to work on the tyvek installation, and managed to get through the last few inches to bring it to completion. As I reached the end I felt like putting on Eye of the Tiger and doing a few laps around the studio as I waved my hands triumphantly the air. Woo hoo!


It didn’t occur to me until I was almost at the end to count the number of circle designs that made up this piece. At that point it was thirty-three, and by the end it was thirty-eight. I went back and added two more to bring the number up to forty.

No wonder this piece made me so crazy. It’s a piece of work made up of forty individual designs, and each one was a whole lot of work. I’m glad I did this, and I am happy with the result, but I will never take this approach to something on this scale again.


This piece will be part of an upcoming exhibit in September at Circle Craft Gallery, titled Hammer, Cut, Stitch, Repeat.

2 thoughts on “Reaching the Summit

  1. Anne at Shintangle Studio says:

    Rachael, it’s fabulous. Congratulations on finishing such a detailed and time-consuming piece. I hope you feel like the investment of time and energy was worth it: sometimes fabulousness just demands that kind of investment. So beautiful: ethereal and lace-like and yet strong at the same time: the scale of the circles is a nice counterbalance to the delicacy of the cutting. I too have reached my summit. I had four quilts to finish before a gallery show that starts in a couple of weeks, and I’ve done it. Only the quilt labels remain to be done. Doesn’t it feel great?

    • Rachael says:

      Thank you. The effort was totally worth it, but some of the process of getting to the end was tedious. You know how it is sometimes with projects…

      Congratulations on reaching your own summit. I can’t wait to see the photos of the show. It sounds like your work was more time consuming than mine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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