Wearable Triangles

I currently have three wearable paper art pieces on the go. As I got stalled on the first one, I start working on a second, and then a third. Eventually they’ll all come together as completed work. Pictured here are the bits and pieces of the third work in progress wearable for the neck.


I had to laugh when I started working on this, because clearly I can never just make one of anything. It always has to be multiples. Why make one triangle when I can make a whole pile of them?! Same goes for flowers, and anything else that comes to mind of recent work. The middle photo are the off-cut pieces of the triangles, and they will not be part of the finished piece.



I had a terrific studio visit on Friday with the two artists organizing the show these will be part of in September. It was fun to share these with others, and they gave me a few ideas on how to proceed.

2 thoughts on “Wearable Triangles

  1. Anne at Shintangle Studio says:

    I can’t wait to see what these triangles turn into. I’m so with you about having to make lots of repeats of a particular thing: I do it with blocks when I’m playing with scraps of fabric. You asked about photographs of the gallery show I’m in at the moment: we had the opening on Saturday and the photos are up on my blog.

    • Rachael says:

      It’s very satisfying to make a bunch of things instead of just one. I learn more about a technique when I work in multiples.

      I’ll check out the photos!

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