Post-Crawl Post Mortem

It’s a few days after the conclusion of Culture Crawl weekend and I am still sooooooooooo tired, and my brain doesn’t seem to be working very well. But I had a terrific weekend hanging out with the team at Propellor Design as a guest artist in their studio.

We had a busy weekend with over 1000 people dropping in to see us. Nik and I kept a tally of visitors on the studio chalkboard and it became a lovely piece of art all its own by the end of Sunday. It was great to see some familiar faces and introduce many new people to my work. I was pleased to have a selection of artwork find their forever homes, including the last of my laser cut pieces from a few years ago.

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A huge thank you to Pam, Nik, and Toby of Propellor Design for hosting me in their studio. Watch the video above to see some of their lighting, work in progress, and materials of inspiration.

Visit their website or follow them on Instagram.