From Sketchbook To Finished Work

I didn’t include the sketch that led to this finished piece in my blog post from the other day, but that is where this started on a smaller scale. I liked the sketch and felt it was time to work with the idea on a full sized piece of paper. The repeating shape is an elongated version of the leaf I’ve used in my work for years, but the shift in length/scale feels dramatically different to cut.


It’s amazing how the work appears to pulse and vibrate with energy. Even in these quick photographs it plays with the eye and appears to move.



I’m satisfied with how this turned out, and want to make one on an even larger piece of paper (this is 17″ x 14″). It’s not a dramatic shift from previous work, but it is an interesting iteration.

2 thoughts on “From Sketchbook To Finished Work

  1. Anne at Shintangle Studio says:

    I really like this piece, but I can’t look at it for more than a few seconds without risking a migraine: isn’t it bizarre how our eyes and brain interact sometimes? Your reflection of trees and sky in a snow-bound pond/puddle on Bowen is so far my favourite image of 2017. And I love what you did to the lapels on Boris’s Christmas jacket. Happy new year.

    • Rachael says:

      I know, this piece is completely crazy-making on the eyes, which was not my intention. I hope it did not give you a migraine.

      The water reflection photo is actually part of a river on Bowen rather than a puddle. It’s one of my favourite places on the island. I’m glad you like the image – and the jacket!

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