Letting Go of Older Work

The studio sale I hosted in person last weekend went amazingly well – so much better than I had dared to hope. I sold thirteen pieces, and two additional works before and after the day of the sale. Woot! Everyone got themselves an excellent deal on art, and I happily made money on work I was ready to let go of.

I had been thinking about doing this type of sale for years, but it would never have happened if my friend Val hadn’t offered to host me at her studio. Thank goodness for friends who lend a helping hand when it’s needed!

Mixed media collage

Going into the event I had this fear no one would show up, or that nobody would buy anything. Vancouver is not an art buying town and my work never seems to be inexpensive enough no matter how low the price may be. I had a small struggle over the whole idea of doing this sale because I wondered whether it devalued the work. But the goal was to clear out ends of series, things I no longer wanted to show, and the types of work I no longer plan to make. My studio is small and I badly needed room for new work. I was ready to let it all go.

Doing the sale in person was WAY more fun than the few I’ve done online in Etsy shop every so often. It was much more successful as well. Val and I talked about possibly doing it as a yearly event, depending on how much inventory we each have. I’m hoping this year to sell work regularly and at full price.

There are a few leftover pieces listed on Etsy in the sale section.