Meryl McMaster at Richmond Art Gallery

It feels like a rare and special treat to see an exhibition of a woman’s self-portraits taken seriously and presented in a gallery context, but such is the work of Meryl McMaster at the Richmond Art Gallery. The show features excerpts from three different photo series created over the past four years featuring Meryl as the central character, and also the canvas, for explorations on identity and the representation of indigenous people in art.

The images are strikingly precise compositions with a narrative thread flowing through them. Her use of colours, props, and natural light are spot on. I love this show so much  and left feeling super inspired. It’s been a few years since I last shot a self portrait myself, and the experience has me longing to pick up the camera again.

Confluence by Meryl McMaster continues at the Richmond Art Gallery until March 19, 2017. More details about the show here.