Creating A Paper Cut Sample for a Workshop

I’ve been invited to teach a two day workshop on paper cutting at an arts festival happening out of town in mid-August. This will be the longest class I’ve taught in years, so I needed to do some planning and prototyping in preparation. The overall project is going to be a multi-layered paper cut shadow box scene, which I’m hoping will be an inspiring challenge for participants.

I’ve made two samples for the workshop. The leafy scene with the grey rabbit pictured here is the one I think will grab people’s attention, but I’ve also made one that is abstract with simple repeating shapes.

Workshop prototype

Workshop prototype

It was lovely to create this little scene entirely from paper. I had to pull it together before I went on holiday at the beginning of July because they needed an image to promote the workshop, and I needed to be clear with myself about how to teach the participants. I can only seem to do that through making a physical thing.

This is the fourth or fifth time I’ve made work with a rabbit. I’m starting to think I should make more work like this…