The Cut Paper Screen Print Series Gets a Name

I am terrible at coming up with titles for my paper cutting pieces, and it usually doesn’t seem to happen until right before a show. But I’ve been trying to re-organize my image files, and it’s triggered the need to come up with descriptive words to name the files to make it easier to find things. It was helpful in this case because I can’t keep calling these the “cut paper screen print series” or whatever.

The series is inspired by a favourite Japanese textile pattern of mine called Seigaiha, which means blue sea and waves. The designs don’t look anything like a regularly repeating wave pattern but it was a jumping off point for me, so for now it will be the working title.



This design was the fourth created for the series, and it is the one with the most irregular shape. I was trying to play around with a different overall form and flow for each one, and this one turned out the weirdest.