30 Days of Handmade Comes to An End

As I wrap up a month of sharing handmade items from my personal collection on Instagram, I thought I’d share a few more of these on my blog. It’s been challenging to keep up with this every day, and also take good photos of the pieces I’ve shared without going into an elaborate photo shoot.

Jasna Sokolovic O’Connell

Some of the things I realized as I did this is: I have a lot of ceramics and not just functional pieces like mugs, I have many unusual pieces of art in my collection, and there are many pieces I have had for ten years or more and I still love them (as it should be).

Melanie Elery


Aaron Moran


Cynthia Lyman (or Wyman?)


Julie Moon

The Eastside Culture Crawl happened a week or so ago and I acquired the beautiful painting below from Pilar Mehlis, and two tiny ceramics from Kayo Benson. So the collection continues to grow. It was love at first sight with the painting.

Pilar Mehlis


Sarah Pike


Sandeep Johal


Bullfinch Barbary

The enamel necklace above is one of the pieces I’ve had for more than ten years. I continue to wear this regularly and treasure it because the necklace is a very special piece. The series has been a great way to reflect upon the things I have, and a strong reminder to buy things I love with the intention of possessing them in the long term.