Settling Into A New Studio Space

One of the goals I’d hoped to accomplish last year but instead got pushed to this year because of the flood, was to look for a studio space outside of my home. Doing it has always felt like an unattainable pipe dream in this city of unaffordable rent, but I’d really outgrown my tiny second bedroom. I felt the space was putting hard limits on growing as an artist and stifling my ability to create larger work.

I looked at a few different space options in January and February of this year, and have ended up in a shared studio in the BC Artscape run Sun Wah building in Chinatown. My new studio is more than double the 80 sqft of the second bedroom I’d been working out of for years. I finally have room for a paper file to store work and supplies, and also a second work table. It feels amazing to have this new expanded work area, with more surface areas to place things (instead of on my bed), and room for storage.

I had my first open studio last weekend, and many friends and acquaintances dropped by for a visit to see the space. They all seemed as excited as I am about the whole thing. I can’t wait to see how this will help me grow as an artist.

4 thoughts on “Settling Into A New Studio Space

    • Rachael says:

      Thank you. I’m still figuring out where to put things, and I want to hang more on the walls. I wish you could come by for a visit.

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