Work In Progress: A New Sashiko Stitching Project

I restarted this sashiko stitching project at the end of May after stalling out on it for a few months. I originally purchased a suiting fabric to make a piece but hating working with the stretchy fabric that seemed to resist my needle. I decided to switch to a new material and picked up a piece of linen/cotton blend fabric in indigo from Dressew to start again.

It was the right thing to do because the suiting was totally the wrong type of fabric to work with for stitching. I’ve been much more enthusiastic about working on this after switching materials.

I used a stencil to trace out the design of curved repeating lines. It actually inspired me to create a similar design as a paper cut piece (which I’ll share in another post). I worked on this a little bit over a week long vacation to Salt Spring Island last week and was happy to get about halfway to completion.

The finished piece is part of a trade with my friend, Barb. She will be transforming it into a throw pillow.