Work In Progress: Sashiko Stitched Runner

I started working on this new sashiko stitching project a few days after I finished the previous one I made for my friend Barb. I needed a new project to work on in time for Art & Craft Social.

I’ve wanted a unique custom runner for the side table I refinished in December, and decided this was a good opportunity to work on more sashiko stitching. I’m using the same cotton/linen blend fabric in indigo for this new project, and trying out a new-to-me style of stitching.

I measured out and drew a quarter inch grid over half of the fabric to guide the pattern, and then started stitching across the length of it with staggered lines. This part of things went surprisingly fast.

When all of the stitches going along the length were finished, I started a series of shorter ones crossing over each of the first layer of stitches. I’ve always wanted to try this pattern but it seems so much more complicated for some reason than it actually is.

I completed the last few rows of stitching over the long weekend, and now I need to figure out how to do the finishing. When I cut the fabric I left enough material attached to become a backing piece to hide the stitches and to sew the two sections together. I’m not following a pattern so will have to wing it to figure it out.

I’ll share the finished runner in another post.