Exploring Embroidery in a Sampler

This summer has been a time for focusing on stitching work, with two completed sashiko pieces, and now this embroidery sampler. I’ve continued working on this small piece which I started in the Katy Biele workshop at the beginning of July, and recently finally finished it.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked with so much colour before, or texture for that matter. I really enjoyed making layers of dense French Knots in a few sections, and also layers of the Picot Stitch. The fuzzy pink bit is a pom pom I attached during the workshop, and cut down very short to fit better with the composition.

It was a terrific learning experience to work on this, and it has definitely reignited my love of embroidery. I am considering a new daily project idea around stitching, to keep building on the momentum of this, but I need to figure out the parameters.

I’m so pleased with this little piece that I’m going to add it to the salon wall in my living room.