31 Days of Paper Play

In July I worked on a new daily project called, 31 Days of Paper Play. I felt I needed time to explore and experiment with new techniques, and this was my way to make it happen. I referenced multiple books on paper techniques from my personal library to generate ideas each day.

Daily projects work best when you can do them within half an hour to an hour each day, and set a size limit. I used sheets of 8.5” x 11” pieces of cardstock cut in half as the base material for every piece. I also played a lot with different colours and combinations of colours than I would normally use in my work.

All 31 pieces are hanging on my studio wall. They are so satisfying to look at as a collection of work. I’m glad I decided to do this little project because I needed to shake things up and get inspired.

You can see the entire series in a slideshow in Instagram.