Refashioning A One-Of-A-Kind Thrifted Find

I buy second-hand clothes as often as I can find what I need, but I also can’t resist when I find something unique at the thrift store. I picked up this dress from a consignment store on Salt Spring Island over the summer. It’s made from a silky smooth black nylon with a large piece of vintage kimono fabric sewn across the front. I tried it on despite the fact that the size was XL and not my size. I figured I could wear it as-is or figure out how to alter it. That vintage kimono fabric had to come home with me.

Flash forward six months and I’m in need of something to wear to my office Christmas party, and I decide now Is the time to alter that dress! I was fairly confident I could figure out how to do it, but not at all confident about my ability to sew it. Thank goodness my good friend Barb was up for the challenge, and is also a WAY better sewist than I am.

The alteration was pretty simple. First I unstitched the kimono fabric so that it wasn’t overlapping the seam on one side, and pinned it out of the way. Barb took the side seams in 1.25 inches on each side, trimmed the excess fabric after reinforcing the seams, and then I ironed them flat. The finishing touch was re-sewing the side of the kimono fabric back into place.

The dress fit so much better after the alteration, though the bodice is still a bit too large because it needs the darts adjusted. I may try that another time.

I wore the dress to my Christmas party and felt super awesome wearing it. Yay for thrifting and refashioning.