Pattern Mixing in Cut Paper Series

This is the first in a new series of pattern mixing pieces I started working on back in late May/early June. I’ve been pondering creating this work for a loooooong time, and only figured out how to bring it to life thanks to planning and drawing in a sketchbook. (I’ll share some of those at a later date).

I’m terrible at pre-planning work but in order to evolve/improve how I create work I needed to add this to my process. I spent a long time sketching out ideas before ever moving on to the next stage of making, and then I now use this sketchbook work as reference.

I did practice drawing patterns and mixing them together in the sketches, but the biggest leap was how to lay them out within the larger form. I don’t pre-plan ahead of time what patterns to include and instead make those decisions as I go.

I’m using a few different books as reference for patterns, but also still like to include non-repeating patterns that I “make up” as I draw. I was so thrilled when the first piece felt like it came together successfully. I love its odd organic shape filled with energetic patterns.

The final photo is of the piece hung the opposite way because I was trying to figure out which way worked better as “up”.

The finished piece is hand-cut from Canson Mi-Teintes 90lb paper, and is 25 x 18.25 inches.