Pattern Mixing in Red

Every time I compose and cut a new pattern mixing piece I learn something new about composition flow and the structure of a pattern interpreted in cut paper. This piece is the most densely packed with lines and complex designs of all the ones created so far. It felt like it took a long time to draw, and then an even longer amount of time to cut.

The hexagon pattern broken into lined squares is based upon a photo of a tiled floor my friend Barb shared with me through Instagram. I had to simplify the lines to make it work at the scale I was cutting.

The pattern featured in the half-circle section below is based upon a Japanese textile pattern from a book on the subject. It was very challenging to draw because there are so many elements to it, and then even moreso to cut, for the same reason. I left that section until last because I knew it would take me the longest to get through. Sometimes this work is an endurance test.

The finished piece is hand-cut from Canson Mi-Teintes Bordeaux paper, and the actual size is 24 x 20.5 inches.