Unleashing a Murder of Crows at Illuminares

This week I’m putting the finishing touches on the installation of paper crows I shared at the beginning of June and will be presenting it publicly for the first time at Illuminares this Saturday.

Murder of crows

lluminares Lantern Festival is a yearly summer event organized by Public Dreams Society. If you’ve never been before, this is a one night only community event featuring performances, fire spinners, lanterns, and many things to inspire.

Wip crowd

This year, Illuminares is a celebration of the light within us – of togetherness and creativity, sustainability and artistic expression, of rebirth and new beginnings. Illuminares is about you and your community. As participants, you are integral in making this beloved community event happen and our hope is that Public Dreams inspires you to create, to imagine and to participate. For 24 years, you’ve been the true architects and creators of Illuminares, and we’re once again creating a platform for you to showcase your creativity and Let Your Bright Light Shine!

This is my first time taking the leap from audience member to a participating artist. I’m very excited about this (and intimidated) because it’s a chance to challenge myself and work larger than I have in a good long while. I hope you’ll join me this Saturday July 21st as Illuminares returns to Trout Lake Park.

Illuminares Lantern Festival
Date: Saturday July 21st, 2012
Time: 6pm to 10:30pm
Location: Trout Lake Park