A Beautiful Place to Explore

Hazelnut grove

I am always amazed when pictures, like the one above, get far more attention than they deserve because they’ve made it into Explore on flickr. It was a beautiful place, but I’ve hardly done it justice with this shot. I guess it frustrates me because photography is my art of choice and I’ve put effort into developing my own sense of style and taste. A shot like this isn’t an indication of any of those things but it is the one getting all the favs and views. It reinforces to me how nice, but meaningless it all is.

On a completely unrelated note, thank you to everyone who left suggestions on the previous entry about blogs to read. I had to excavate a few comments after Kirsti pointed out hers was eaten by the spam catcher. Too many links in a comment equals bad says Akismet, even when there is no mention of viagra or casinos.