3 thoughts on “Mannequin Boy

  1. Maureen (Ravengrrl) says:

    rachael, I really like the way the film turned out. Besides that it’s a really beautiful photo (love that mannequin — I hardly ever seen mannequin-children, living as I do in a place like Montana) the color is gorgeous. Is the kind of brownish, or off-tone caused by the fact that the film was expired? Or did you do that in the processing? just curious. Hope you’re feeling better today and not so blah.

  2. Rachael says:

    I think the colour has more to do with the cross processing, and this films particular colour biases(?). The person who gave it to me kept it properly stored in the freezer. It wouldn’t have the colour shift (due to temperature chages)found in expired film that is improperly stored.

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