Into the sun

The sun worships Noriko

Sky wires

Window light

Yesterday I decided to create a new set on Flickr called “Into the sun” to collect my photos featuring sunflare from shooting into the sun. It’s one of those things photographers are taught to try and avoid because sunflare can often ruin a good shot. The effect is one I’ve grown to like alot though, especially with the trash cams.

I’ll probably go blind from staring into the sun too much…

3 thoughts on “Into the sun

  1. filmgoerjuan says:

    I love the effect you’ve achieved with these.

    I was always taught not to point my camera into the sun to avoid frying the internal light meter. Nowadays I’m paranoid about frying both the light meter and the sensor on my digicam (despite this fear, I still took some shots into the sun at the picnic on Saturday).

  2. Rachael says:

    I guess I should stick to shooting into the sun with trash cams. It’s much less risky to those types of cameras.

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