Autumn red above my head

Autumn red above my head

Two things I have enjoyed very much lately, and think everyone else should check out:
1) Watching every episode of the wonderful shortlived series Firefly. Bloody hell it was a good show!
2) Eating a delicious Japanese-style hotdog from the “Japadog” vendor at Burrard and Haro Street. It comes loaded with things like terriyaki sauce, shredded daikon, dried seaweed, Japanese mayo, and other things I can’t remember.
Two thumbs way up to both of these things.

3 thoughts on “Autumn red above my head

  1. Rachael says:

    My two favorite tv shows were made by Joss Whedon, so I’m not surprised I liked Firefly as well. I think I didn’t watch it when it originally aired because it was on at a bad time for me. It’s really too bad it was cancelled because the show has so much potential.

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