Weekly Collage – Flower in the Palm of Her Hand

moleskine collage 26007

Looking for things to do this weekend? How about either of these:
Dusk Dances in Stanley Park
Aeriosa Dance Company at the Main Branch Library. (Scroll down for details)

Thanks to Siobhan for the heads up about Dusk Dances. I used to look forward to their performances in Toronto every summer and had no idea they were in town.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Collage – Flower in the Palm of Her Hand

  1. Maktaaq says:

    So that’s what you made last night! I didn’t have a good look from my side of the table. Are the fish from some monetary bills?

  2. Rachael says:

    The fish are from a collaging paper I bought from Urban Source on Main Street. They do resemble money.

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