Don’t fear doing your thing

Week 12 - Waiting
Week 12 – Waiting. From the 52 weeks self portrait series.

Because I’ve been feeling down this evening I decided to dig up and read the inspiring words in last month’s newsletter from Another Girl at Play. You should read it too.

For further cheering up good measures, here a list of good things from the weekend:
1. Friday night hanging out with Mandy to see Dusk Dances in Stanley Park.
2. Some much needed time alone at home on Saturday morning.
3. Surviving the yogathon despite my worries I wouldn’t be able to endure the sun and heat. (Phew!)
4. Buying a new carry-on sized suitcase in preparation for an upcoming trip.
5. Hanging out at Jericho beach reading my book and playing badminton.

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