Trees I Have Dreamed at Waterfront Theatre

Metal prints-2

In an unexpected turn of events I now have two art shows up at the same time, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

A few weeks ago I had an email from the Granville Island Cultural Society wanting to confirm the load in date of my show at Waterfront Theatre. I was taken aback because when last I’d been in touch with them regarding this particular show it was supposed to be rescheduled for another time because nothing was booked in the theatre space. To give a bit of backstory, I’d applied and been accepted in early 2009 to show my work at Waterfront Theatre in 2010 from the beginning of March to mid-April. When I’d followed up in September of last year to start preparing for the show I was told the theatre wasn’t yet booked for the time period of my show which meant no one would be in the space to see my work. I was disappointed but I decided to reschedule for another time rather than having a show in a space no one would be visiting.

Metal prints-3

Fast forward to two weeks ago and colour me surprised (and pleased!) because the show is still on afterall. The timing couldn’t be better because I am now a full time artist and getting more work out into the world is a good thing.

Luckily I’ve had a very productive period of art work creation over the last few years and I had a show on hand that was ready to go in the very short amount of time I had to prepare. In my application for Waterfront Theatre I had proposed to show the metal prints because at the time it was the most consistent body of work I had. Even though I had originally intended to create new work for this show I’m not disappointed. I’ve always wanted to show the large scale metal prints again and not just have them gathering dust in storage.

Metal prints

I’ll be having an artist reception towards the end of March, and will post details here once the date is confirmed. Boris has a few photos up of the work hanging in Waterfront Theatre.

Trees I have Dreamed
March 1st to April 11th, 2010
Waterfront Theatre, Granville Island
1412 Cartwright Street
Vancouver BC