Finding Inspiration At RubyDog’s Art House

RubyDog's Art House

RubyDog’s Art House is my favorite place to buy supplies and find inspiration for the collage work I create. I’ve been going there for the last couple of years and I always find something unique and inspiring to take home. The shop is owned by Leanne Bishop and it’s always fun to chat with her while I browse through the store.

RubyDog's Art House
RubyDog's Art House-2
When I dropped by a yesterday to pick up a new book about collage I decided to take a few photos and show people some of the interesting things you can find in the shop. There is an excellent selection of books on collage, book making, painting, and more. I think I’ve bought most of my art books from RubyDog’s because she seems to be the only one in Vancouver to carry as many books about altering books.

RubyDog's Art House-4
This is Ruby the dog, who can often be found napping peacefully in the corner, and is the namesake of the shop. He’s taking a nap after a healthy eating session from the new dog feeder, he is so spoiled with all this love.

RubyDog's Art House-8
There are plenty of interesting little things to look at all through the store.

RubyDog's Art House-3

I’ve used these some of these tiny bottles in one of my altered books (that now belongs to someone else).
RubyDog's Art House-5

RubyDog's Art House-6

I have some of these clarinet pieces in my possession and that have not yet made their way into a collage. Leanne has a HUGE collection of letterpress pieces for collaging or collecting.

RubyDog's Art House-7

There’s really no end to the variety of things you can find at RubyDog’s Art House, from vintage ephemera to billiard balls. Please check out the shop and help support a wonderful local business.
RubyDog's Art House-9

RubyDog's Art House-10

RubyDog’s Art House
623 Kingsway
(Kingsway near Fraser Street)
Vancouver BC V5T 3K5

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  1. Kathryn says:

    I can see why it’s one of your favourite places. I’ll be adding it to my list of things to do when in Van!

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