Good News: Container Art & The Eastside Culture Crawl

The last few weeks I’ve been stressing over the mail because two important items I’d sent off in June were taking a REALLY long time to show up at their intended destination. I hate things like this because there is absolutely nothing I can do about lost mail. One of these items was a cheque covering my registration fee in the East Side Culture crawl and it’s failure to reach the organizers in a timely fashion meant having to pay an additional fifty dollars. The increased cost had me reconsidering taking part in this event because money is tight right now. But much to my relief the cheque finally arrived after a two week trip around Vancouver. Apparently part of the mailing address contact information on the Crawl’s web site was incorrect, and many notes on the envelope later my cheque found itself at the correct address. Phew!

On the very same day the cheque arrived I had another piece of good news I’d been waiting for. I received an email from the organizers of the Container Art show letting me know I’d been chosen as one of the twelve participating artists. What is the Container Art show you might ask? It’s a bit of a traveling art show which uses empty shipping containers as the venue for artists to create site specific work in a variety of mediums. There have been Container Art shows in Rome, New York, Jerusalem, Milano, etc., and this is the second year this will be done on site at the PNE grounds.

Forgotten Knowledge

Forgotten Knowledge-2

The project I am putting together for this show is book based. As mentioned in my monthly newsletter, and a previous blog post, I’ll be working with twenty-five volumes of a set of encyclopedias and combining these with found objects. At the moment I only have five of the twenty-five completed and about a month left until the date of installation, but I am so excited to be in this show. It’s an incredible opportunity for me and it’s been just the right motivation I needed to try something on a larger scale than my previous work.

Stay tuned as I work my way through to the end of this project, and please do come and see it at the PNE in August.

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  1. Rachael says:

    Thanks Colene. I saw the show last year and knew I had to enter this year when I saw the artist call come up.

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