Collage: Fueling the Creative Fires

I haven’t had any time in over a month to devote to creating new work so yesterday I made a point of setting aside the entire day for this. I focused on making simple collage on wooden cradle frames. The idea is to have artwork I can sell at a lower price point than my altered books. I completed two 8″ x 8″ pieces yesterday, and each took less than two hours to make.




I followed a similar theme in both collages, using paper birds, pages from books, scraps from the same yellow paper, and red thread.




It felt so good to make these. I always get a bit antsy when I go too long without making something and I love how easily these two compositions flowed out of me. I definitely want to make more soon.

Materials used: book pages, sheet music, red thread, paper birds, rubber stamp & ink, Japanese paper, Japanese maple leaf, and gel medium.

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