Five Good Things

Writing down a list of good things is a way to remind myself to appreciate what I have. These are a few items from the past week:

1. A decadent lunch of corn pancakes with blueberry sauce and a side of bacon at the Roundel Cafe with Joan.

2. An unexpected gift from Nicole of a crow pendant we’d seen a few weeks earlier at a craft show.

3. Eating our way around the German Christmas Market, from one meaty item to another. (Yum yum).

4. A spontaneous trip to the Vancouver aquarium. It was almost deserted on our weekday afternoon visit. (I love the jellyfish).

Arctic Char
5. Standing next to this tank of Arctic Char at the aquarium. They were wonderfully calm and indifferent to my presence, and we hung out with them in their element of water and me in my element of earth and air.

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