Collage: Birds of a Feather

This particular cradle frame panel has been hanging around unfinished or half-started (depending on your perspective) for a couple of years. I did a gel medium transfer of an ink jet print of one of my photos and overlay this with a semi-transparent spiral patterned Japanese paper. That’s as far as I got with the thing two years ago. I found the long dimensions of 12″ x 24″ challenging to work with at the time.

bird collage

I picked it up again this week and decided to follow the same theme of birds, book pages, and thread from the previous two collages. I broke up the background image with pieces of book pages and tried to treat both as texture. The thread and bits of scrap paper add a bit more colour and give the collage some flow from one bird to another.

bird collage-5

bird collage-4

bird collage-3

This is the largest collage I’ve ever created. It’s challenging to work larger and I think I prefer making smaller pieces because most of the materials I have to work with are small scale.

bird collage-2

Materials used: scrap book pages, red thread, paper birds, rubber stamp & ink, origami paper, and gel medium.