Thirty Days of Self Portraits

The previous couple of weeks I’d been getting myself into a very unhappy state of mind. I haven’t been feeling good about myself with many doubts and insecurities eating away at my self-confidence. I’ve also been in a rut creatively since I finished working on the fairy tale altered books. For me, self-confidence and creativity go hand-in-hand.

I think I’m a lot burnt out after a very intense year with too much stress and not enough vacation, and then I started a new part-time job. And while the new part time job is terrific and challenging, it means art and creativity get much less time than I’d like to dedicate to them.

To give myself something good to focus my energy into I decided I needed to get the creative juices flowing and begin a small project. I’ve chosen to do one self portrait a day for the next month. I started shooting a week ago today and I’m already at day 8 of the series.

Day 1: Losing My Head
Day 1: Losing My Head

Day 2: A moment in the sun
Day 2: A Moment In The Sun

Day 4: It's raining
Day 4: It’s Raining

Click through to flickr to view the rest of the series so far.

Some of the photos have been more creative than others, but it all depends on how much time I have available each day. I’m really enjoying working on this series so far.