Fairy Tales ReMixed: A Virtual Tour

Last night was the opening of the Fairy Tales ReMixed exhibition at Seymour Art Gallery, and we had a really good turn out for the evening. I took at few photos in the gallery shortly before people began to arrive. I’m really pleased with how well all the work hangs together. It’s a really good show.

Fairy Tales Remixed Exhibition
Fairy Tales Remixed Exhibition-7

Fairy Tales Remixed Exhibition-8
Fairy Tales Remixed Exhibition-3

Fairy Tales Remixed Exhibition-6
Fairy Tales Remixed Exhibition-4

Fairy Tales Remixed Exhibition-2
Fairy Tales Remixed Exhibition-9

The exhibition is only one week long, so your last chance to see it is this Sunday June 12th. Come by and meet the artists, watch a puppet show, and have your face painted.

4 thoughts on “Fairy Tales ReMixed: A Virtual Tour

  1. Anne says:

    Thanks for publishing photos of the exhibit – it is a well presented show. Congratulations to you and your fellow artists! I am looking forward to seeing the show on Sunday.

  2. Rachael says:

    Anne, I’m really happy with the show and glad you can make it on Sunday to see it in person.

    Roberta, I agree the time just seemed to fly by from start to finish. I’m really glad the show came together so beautifully and I made new work I am very happy with because of it.

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