Paper Cutting in a New Dimension

I have stumbled upon yet another variation of cutting and working with paper. I sat down to play in my sketchbook last week and came up with this lovely technique I hadn’t thought about before of making a cut and then folding the paper. Suddenly my paper cuts have become three dimensional and I love it.

This top image is the idea I worked on in my sketchbook. I used the compass cutter for this one before moving outside the sketchbook and on to a larger piece of paper. For the larger piece below I used an xacto knife and cut the curves freehand.

Paper cut and folding in my Sketchbook

I chose to work with this chart of geological survey information as my paper more because it was something I could grab quickly and not worry about experimenting with. It’s a happy accident that the lines of the chart combine in an interesting way with the curved shapes of the paper cuts.

Paper-cut and folding
Paper-cut and folding - detail

It’s no wonder I am so addicted to the process of paper cutting because there is always something new to learn.