Yuuki Visits the Hospital

The Canada Day long weekend began in a less than promising fashion when I had to rush Yuuki to the bird hospital on Friday morning. As soon as I uncovered his cage I could tell he wasn’t functioning properly, and he appeared to be experiencing what I interpreted as a seizure. I packed him up and took him across town to the Night Owl Bird Hospital where they took him in straight away for an assessment.

It appears the little guy had a stroke, and was experiencing an irregular heart beat as well as liver problems. The doctor felt he would recover and wanted to keep him over night. I really feared the worst and kept dreading a call saying he’d passed away.


This is Yuuki on Friday afternoon a few hours after he arrived at the hospital. He was very sleepy and out of it.


Twenty-four hours later I visited him at the hospital again and he was much more his usual lively self. The doctor decided to keep him for observation and treatment until Tuesday, just to make sure he’d be alright.


It was a relief to bring him home yesterday. He’s doing better, though I have to keep him in an enclosure that restricts his movements and he has many medicines to take throughout the day.

I’ve been calling him “old man Yuuki” for the last while and now he really seems like an elderly gentleman with these health problems. I have no idea how much longer he’ll be around, but I plan to appreciate him while he’s here. That’s all you can ever do with someone you love.