Growing A Yarn Tree

Over the weekend I completed my fourth yarn tree mural, this time on a wall in the home of friends Lee and Sachi. It’s a beautiful location (as you’ll see in the photos at the end of this post) right by a large window. The addition of the tree really feels as if nature has been fully incorporated into the room.

yarn tree

As with the previous yarn trees, this one is made from clear push pins and sock yarn. I shot a few photos as I made progress with the mural, so you can get the sense of how it came together.

yarn tree

yarn tree-2

None of this was pre-planned or drawn out, but I did use a few tree illustrations as reference to guide me as I worked. I think of this as freehand drawing with thread.

yarn tree-2

The finished yarn tree (as pictured below) has two long branches and one shorter branch. I added this smaller branch a few hours after I finished the initial work because I felt it was needed to fill out the space, and make the composition less symmetrical.

yarn tree-5

As you can see, the yarn tree fits perfectly into the setting of the room. At the moment the branches have been left bare while Lee and Sachi decide whether or not they want to add leaves, and what type. We were all leaning towards Japanese Maple leaves, but I’m unsure where to source artificial ones.

yarn tree-3

yarn tree-4

I really enjoy the process of making these yarn trees, though walls don’t present themselves very often to host a mural made of yarn. I would love the opportunity to make more of these and I am open to creating commissioned pieces if you have a wall available.