Behind the Scenes With Guy Laramee

When I was in Seattle this past weekend Boris and I did a few hours of gallery hopping. I was most excited to visit Foster White Gallery because they are currently showing two artists working with books, Cara Barer and Guy Laramee. I’ve only ever seen their work online, so I was thrilled to finally see things in person.

I didn’t really like Barer’s current body of work, but Laramee’s carved books were amazing! Below are two of my favourite pieces. The detail is amazing.

El Libro de Arena | Guy Laramee

Brown’s Bible | Guy Laramee

One of the gallery staff mentioned a CBS news feature on Guy Laramee which shares some of his book carving process, so I had to track it down. I’ve always wondered how he does these, and the video demonstrates how he uses a sandblaster to create undulating landscapes from antique books.

Watch and be amazed.