Trying to Project Into the Future

My paper cutting demo at Opus went very well on the weekend. The people who attended were very interested, and most seemed to get a lot out of it. I wasn’t sure how well I could share how I do this work, but I did just fine thanks to careful preparation.

It was inspiring to me to talk about this work, and was just the thing I needed to get back producing in the studio again. I’m trying to think ahead to possible upcoming shows which could happen up to two years from now (if my proposal is accepted). I’ve never worked this way before and I’m unsure how to project so far ahead because my work is constantly evolving in ways I don’t foresee.

Work in progress paper cutting construction. Very rough at the moment. Exploring ideas for new work.

Rather than getting bogged down with this I decided to experiment and build further on the paper cutting work I’ve been doing. I was intrigued with the idea of creating something three-dimensional. I chose to create a pyramid-like box and cut three of the sides with the usual intertwining crescent shapes. I wanted to see how this would work, and not focus too much on specific details.

The finished prototype of the work in progress I shared earlier today. Working through some ideas.

The finished prototype is rough and imperfect, but a really good starting point for figuring out more three dimensional pieces. It plays wonderfully with direct light too. I’m trying to imagine it larger, but it makes my hand sore just thinking about it.