Self-Exploration Through Self Portraiture

It’s been an interesting experience the last few weeks to maintain my commitment to the Be Your Own Beloved e-course. I don’t mind taking a self portrait every once in awhile, but doing it every day is tedious. At least that’s how I normally feel about it. But with Vivienne‘s daily email prompts of inspiration to guide me, it makes it easier to get it done. She always provides something personal to reflect upon, as well as a place to start to come up with an idea to shoot for the day.

I really like the work I’ve been creating, and through this series I’ve come to realize I am process oriented even with my photography. The ideas come as I work, rather than being fully formed from the beginning.

Shadow Play
Day 18

Celebrate Individuality
Day 21

You Are the Beholder
Day 22

The creative aspects of this project aside, it’s made me realize a few things about myself. Mostly that I’m not very good at self-care, or about being good to myself. The intensity of the stuff that has come up out of this has really surprised me, but I am determined to create more awareness around this and make changes.

There are just a few days left of the course. I think I will miss the daily excuse to come up with an idea to photograph.

More of the self portraits can be found on Flickr.