Structural Paper Cutting

After I finished the paper cut pyramid last week I began to work on a second piece with a different approach to making something three dimensional. Instead of creating the structure from a single sheet I used scraps of paper cut into triangles of different sizes, two as sides, and one as a bottom piece. I wanted to cut the design first and then attach the paper together afterwards.


I spent a lot of time cutting paper and not so much on determining the structure, but I wanted to see how well pieces of paper can support themselves when most of the material is cut away. It sags of course, especially on the sides that are unattached. I would need to include more structural support if translated into a larger scale.


It’s a lovely piece, and I think the shadows are an integral part of it.

For the next prototype I will do less with paper cutting and focus more on structure just to see where this will take me. Stay tuned.