Circles and Animals: The Fox

The Fox is the fourth piece in the Circles and Animals series. (Previous work in the series: snail, owl, crow). He’s a bit more wolfy looking than I’d intended, with a touch of coyote. Call this animal what you will, but I’m sticking with fox.

Circles and Animals- The Fox-4

Circles and Animals- The Fox-2

As with others in this series, this is cut from two pieces of archival white drawing paper and mounted within a cradle panel. The challenge as I continue to work on this series is to make each one unique while using the same circle cut layering technique.

Circles and Animals- The Fox-3

Circles and Animals- The Fox

I finished two of these last week, and will share the second one in another blog post. In case you’re wondering, these are for sale, so please do inquire.