Creating An Installation One Piece At A Time

Back in July I began a side project involving the creation of small individual paper cut pieces that resemble flowers or fireworks. Since then I’ve been slowly working away at this at irregular intervals with the goal of making as many as I can.

Doing a bit more work on this much neglected side project. I have lost track of how many I've cut so far.

Bits of paper floating off the page.

All these months later an I have made about eighty of these flowery bits, and I intend to keep going. They are cut from drawing paper painted with blue ink and each is about 3.5″ inches wide. It’s very satisfying to see the tiny pile of them grow.


The idea behind this is to create something larger from these small pieces. At the moment I’m not yet sure what form this will take or how these will all come together, but it will eventually be a striking installation.


For now my goal is to create one hundred and figure things out from there. Stay tuned for more updates…

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