Triangulating Paper Cut Sculpture

I was preparing some work for a gallery proposal last week and I came across these photos of a paper cut sculpture I completed over the summer. The piece was shown during my solo show at the Ranger Station gallery in July, but I’d forgotten to share it elsewhere. This is the largest paper cut sculpture I have created to date, with its longest side at 18 inches.

paper cut sculpture-3

paper cut sculpture-2

This is a larger version of a prototype I made in early spring. It’s about four times the size of the original piece and I was curious to see how the same structure would hold up in a larger size. It sags when I stand it up on the smallest side so my goal is to create something in order to balance it on the top corner of the triangle. It’s more beautiful when balanced in this way.

paper cut sculpture

paper cut sculpture

After all these months I’m just getting back to making paper cut sculptures, and completed a new one this week. I’ll share it once I get around to photographing it properly.