Countdown the Eastside Culture Crawl

I’ve been doing a four day countdown over on Instagram leading up to the Eastside Culture Crawl, and there is one more day to go. It begins tomorrow and continues until Sunday.

One more day!!!

This is my fifth year taking part in the crawl as an exhibiting artist. I’ve already decided to take a break next year because I miss touring other studios, so if you’ve never been by before now’s the best time to visit.


The Crawl has been extended from three days to four this year, and I’m curious to see whether more people take advantage of the extra day. I have my fingers crossed for decent weather despite the less than promising weather report.

Visit me at 1660 East Georgia Street to see intricate paper cut work, laser cut pieces, and installations. I have an event page on Facebook if you would like to RSVP »

18th Annual Eastside Culture Crawl
November 20th to 23rd, 2014
Thurs & Fri 5pm to 10pm | Sat & Sun 11am to 6pm
Visit the website to plan your route.

2 thoughts on “Countdown the Eastside Culture Crawl

  1. m.a.tateishi says:

    I hope to see photos of your studio, Rachael. I’m sure it looks amazing and good luck at the Crawl. It’s funny, but I’ve been thinking about taking next year off as well! If so, maybe we can crawl together!

    • Rachael says:

      I am thinking about sneaking by the Mergatroid late today to see anything I can before the Crawl starts. I really want to at least see a few studios this year. Let’s definitely tour the Crawl together next year.

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